YONGNUO YN600 Air White 5500K Ultra Thin LED Camera Video Light Photography Studio Lighting

YONGNUO YN600 Air White 5500K Ultra Thin LED Camera Video Light Photography Studio Lighting

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YONGNUO YN600 Air has a slim and light design,and it adopts super larger luminous LED Light panel.YN600 Air perfectly substitutes professional soft light panel for the traditional heavy and bulky soft light box which bring many inconveniences.the light of YN600 Air is softer and more natural; the volume of the YN600 Air is smaller and lighter. YN600 Air supports using lithium batteries or other power supply to meet the requirements of different scenarios. 
YN600 Air adopts SMD LED light source. With super large illuminating and light panel,it`s more suitable for light filling.
YN600 Air is made up of 192 SMD LEDs of 5500K which are SMD LEDs of super large light-emiting area. In the equivalent energy consumption, the luminous intensity is higher. 
YN600 Air adopts SMD LEDs of ultra high CRI (color rendering index); its RA average value is greater than 95,which makes it close to natural light and perfectly restores the color of the subject.
YN600 Air adopts double mains input,which supports batteries of NP-F Series external DC main of 8V and 5A.
YN600 Air adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED constant current driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
On the LED digital display screen of YN600 Air ,the display effect is more stereoscopic and the parameter of the power output is more intuitional.
The special handle this LED video Light equipped is firm and pratical.
Light Source: 192 pieces of SMD LEDs
Luminance Angle: 110 degree
Color Temperature: 5500K
Color Rendering Index: >=95
Average Service Life: 50000 hours
Output Power: 40W
Lumen: 4000LM
Weight: 1084g
Dimension: 335 x 255 x 55mm
External Power Source: 12V 5A DC Power Supply
Compatible Batteries: NP-F550 NP-F750 NP-F970 Lithium batteries
Package Included:
1 x Yongnuo YN600 air Pro LED Video Light (5500k)
1 x Portable Bag for Light Panel
1 x Handle Grip
1 x Manual
1 x Original Box

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